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We follow the traditions of our ancestors for natural farming. If you want to contact us to plan a tasting of our extra virgin olive oil and our truffle flavored oil. It's a divine moment! Our oils are 100% free of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and irrigation, extra virgin and cold pressed. They are also made with olives from trees that have grown in the hills and have never been treated with chemicals of any kind.

And we did not artificially increase our olives using an irrigation system that wastes water. All the extra water our trees need comes from collected rain. Our products also make the world a little better! Indeed, 50% of the profits of our on our oils go to the orphanage in Haiti. The Pastras is registered with the FDA and can ship its products to the United States. Contact us to place an order.

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The Pastras, Johann and Lisa Pepin

We are producers and sellers of French black truffles (tuber melanosporum) and olive oils in the Luberon region, in Provence, the world capital of black truffle. We sell to restaurants and individuals in France and abroad.

Buying with Les Pastras means buying directly from the producer, without intermediaries, so we can offer you the best prices and the freshest products. In addition, you make a humanitarian gesture because 50% of the profits from each bottle we sell go to a One Family orphanage in Haiti

Our products:

- Fresh black truffles

- Olive oil with black truffle

- Organic olive oil, extra-virgin, cold pressed

Our olive oil is made from olive trees that have grown in nature, almost in the wild, and have never been treated with chemicals. We do not grow our olives using an irrigation system and thus avoid the waste of water. The water our trees need comes from rainwater harvesting. Contact us to order.

"We do not want chemicals (no fertilizer either) in our land because we are the opposite of intense agriculture. We are against irrigation which is as harmful as treatment. It is rainwater that grows our olives and olives.

For the truffle, it is a friend who showed us that it was possible to find in our field. So we decided to plant truffle trees in places where they already grow naturally. The diversification of our estate (olive trees, truffles and vines) allows us a better land use. "

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Our Comittment in Haiti

Here in Provence, we are privileged to live in a green countryside that offers an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Not everyone is so lucky. That's why we give 50% of the profits from every bottle of olive oil we sell to a One Family orphanage in Haiti.

Our friend Kelsey Remple lives and works in this orphanage and provides food, clothing and education to children who have been abandoned or even sold as slaves by their own parents. Your purchase helps improve the lives of these children, in a corner of the world that desperately needs your help. Thank you for your donations!

"It is the reading of a book that has changed our vision of the development of our farm. " Start Something That Matters" by Blake Mycoskie . "" The example is simple, if your product is of good quality and for a comparable price you can do a good action, would not you? "

"Since we have allowed orphans to have a toy for Christmas, build a shelter for their goats and we have just sent more than 80 kilos of books. Our customers can follow our actions on Facebook and Twitter. Their purchases give concrete results that they can follow and feel proud of their choices to buy our products. We do not count anymore in euros but in parcels of books, toys, tree planting, etc ... "